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Windy Outdoor Super Tough Commercial Grade Sectional 25 ft. Flagpole – Bronze – US Made

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20 Ft Black, 20 Ft Bronze, 20 Ft Clear, 25 Ft Black, 25 Ft Bronze, 25 Ft Clear

10 reviews for Windy Outdoor Super Tough Commercial Grade Sectional 25 ft. Flagpole – Bronze – US Made

  1. Russ B. (verified owner)

    Beautiful, quality flagpole
    I have always wanted my own flagpole and after many years it has finally become reality. I did a ton of research on aluminum, fiberglass, telescopic and sectional. Considering quality, price, shipping and timeline… I went with this Super Tough Commercial Grade Sectional 25 ft. Flagpole in Black – US Made. I wanted to raise and lower the flag the traditional way, so telescopic was out. From a quality standpoint, Fiberglass is probably the best for the Pacific Northwest, but shipping time is expensive and long, plus the cost was significantly more. This pole in black looks fantastic, arrived in a few days and was fairly easy to install. It would be nice if you had the options for the ball. Polished brass isn’t my thing, so I ordered the Eder flagpole 3” ball in an aluminum satin finish. It would also be nice if it included the base flash collar, but doesn’t, so I ordered the US Flagstore 3” base collar in a 12” diameter satin finish. Everything arrived in perfect condition. 1 section of the flagpole had significant burrs, but was easy to file smooth.

    My Install:
    I think the directions are lacking/vague, so I watched a couple YouTube videos and made some assumptions. Also, the OnlineStores.com has some decent instructions for flagpoles that can be printed.
    I used the advice from another review and went with an 18” x 18” concrete square base using approximately (10) 60 lbs. bags of concrete (easier to lift compared to 80 lbs. bags) and (1) bag of play sand.

    1) Dug a hole approximately 18” diameter and 30” deep
    2) Framed 18”x18” base with 2×4’s
    3) Added a couple inches of play sand in the bottom of hole and compacted
    4) Centered my 4” sleeve (taped the top to keep debris out) in center of hole with 1 3/4” to 2” above grade
    5) Mixed 1 bag at a time and centered/leveled the sleeve after each bag of concrete
    6) Finished off 18”x18” square with a trowel and a 1/4 round edger. Light brush finish
    7) I used chairs instead of saw horses to support the flagpole
    8) Removed burrs with a file and connected the four sections
    9) Added the truck to the top and then a solar light (purchased separately) and finally the ball
    10) Added the base collar from the bottom and ran it up past the cleat location
    11) Added the cleat with screws included and just tightened loosely.
    12) Ran the rope through the truck and tied two ends together with a figure 8
    13) Removed the bottom section of flagpole and inserted it into sleeve (remove tape). Centered and added play sand leaving an inch or two at top of sleeve. Critical to make sure this first section is perfectly level
    14) Using a ladder and a little help, raised the remaining (3) sections and inserted into bottom section
    15) Removed cleat, lowered flashing, replaced cleat
    16) Added loop snaps with the two rope ends that were tied centered and spaced in between for a 3’x6’ Annin flag. Rope knot is approximately center of the two flag brass eyeholes
    17) Using clear silicone caulking, caulked the top couple of inches of sleeve and flashing so it’s watertight
    Raised flag and done! So far, so good with standing up to daily winds.

    Tools/supplies: Shovel and or hoe, concrete mixing trough, 18” up to 48” level, flat trowel, edger, hammer, saw, nails/screws, metal file, Phillips screwdriver, ladder, (10-12) bags of 60 lbs Redi Mix concrete, (1) bag of play sand, (1) tube of clear silicone, (1) 8’ 2×4, (1) 4×6 USA flag, 3” hole x12” diameter base flashing, solar or wired flag light.

  2. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Impressively strong flag pole.
    The original 25′ flag pole of this brand I bought went thru a lot in the 2 years I had it. It had a 4’x6′ flag on it 24/7 year round in north western North Dakota and it made it thru many thunderstorms and blizzards. The one thing it didn’t handle was a pretty severe ice storm. The flag eventually broke the clips holding the gromets and when I picked it off the ground it was like holding a sheet of plywood for how much ice was on it. But it was good enough for me to buy a second one.

  3. Big Z (verified owner)

    Top Quality Pole!!! Love It!!!!!
    Im 24 years old and i bought my house about a year and a half ago. The one thing i wanted to do since i purchased my beautiful home sitting on my 10 acres was to install a flagpole. When i began my search about 6 months ago, i wanted to find a pole that fit me and my setting the best. I looked at many different companies and brands of poles. After my long and stressful search, i decided to purchase this pole. It had many good reviews to start,also the quality is very good in my opinion. I wanted something very strong, due to the high winds i receive here, i believe this pole will hold up very nicely! I dug my hole exactly the same depth as the length of the included sleeve. I also built a small form, i didn’t want that big of a piece of concrete in my lawn so i went with a nice square 18”x18”. I pour concrete for a living so when i came to pouring the concrete it was no big task. I actually ordered the concrete my our local redi mix plant which is delivered by a concrete truck. All said and done i used about a yard and a half of concrete, which is probably equivalent to 20 or so bags of Menards concrete. The sand used in between the sleeve and the pole itself i bought from Menards, the sleeve only took about a 1/4 of the bag. I also recommend buying a flashing to sit around the bottom of the pole to finish it off nicely. One was not included in my kit. Then i topped it off with a nice quality 4×6 flag from Annin Flagmakers, its there 2720 Model. The 4×6 flag really fit the pole nicely. Im extremely happy with how it all turned out, this pole should definitely last for years, so proud to be flying the flag!!! I will also be adding to this review after 6 months and a full year to give more feedback.

  4. John B. (verified owner)

    Excellent Flagpole
    High quality flagpole. I highly recommend it. Must be erected in solid concrete base.

  5. Rob (verified owner)

    A Real Flagpole! (Not like those cheap $100-ish products.)
    I’ve had a 20’ flagpole with a 3” base on my dock at my lake house for almost 20+ years. During a recent storm, a 60 mph gust snapped my old pole. So, I set out to replace it. First, I was amazed at the amount of flagpoles in the $100-range on Amazon. Most of them tout a 1.2 or 1.4mm tube thickness. I ordered one and I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. I know it wouldn’t have lasted one storm at the lake. I returned it and took a chance on this more expensive option.


    Everything about this flagpole is quality, from the unbelievable thickness of the tube to the hardware., They even included rubber snap covers to prevent clanging against the pole. I know this flagpole will last 25+ years in tough conditions.

    While it might seem expensive compared to the competitors, trust me, this flagpole is amazing.

  6. Corrine S. (verified owner)

    Yes this flag pole is very sturdy. Problems I have is the directions are extremely …
    Yes this flag pole is very sturdy. Problems I have is the directions are extremely poorly written. To start the handle for the flag pole to wrap around the two holes to attach did not match up with the bracket. So we needed to drill another hole, biggest problem there is that the hole was machined for a screw. We had to drill a larger hole and put gorilla glue in the screw to make it hold. Next problem is no where in the directions does it say that the sections are color coded (we got a 25 ft pole, I think they just add a 5 ft section to the 20ft one). After we found the color code inside the pipe (not in directions) we got the top piece no problem. The 3 other pieces after filing (per directions), there was no way we could connect with just plain "man", strength so we got a piece of 2 x 4, and a rubber malet, put dish soap on it and slowly tapped it into place. We needed to do this for 3 of the sections. (I don’t think they check the product after making to make sure it will all go together.) But in the end it is a beautiful flagpole, very majestic with a 4 x 6 flag flown high. Directions are very vague, (buy at least 6 bags of cement, and it will take a whole bag of sand. ) Good Luck.

  7. Joe (verified owner)

    Must have!!!
    This flagpole was the best investment I made in awhile. I wish it came in 30 or 35 foot. I want it bigger now after people in my association and neighborhood didn’t like it and found it offensive. But, it still flys flags everyday and I care less what people think. This is America, land of the free because of the brave!!
    The company has outstanding customer service, will bend over backwards for their customers and reply back right away. I’m still going to see if I can get a 30 to 35 pole that i can use in the same whole. I’m going to be putting a eagle on top and will email the company first to be sure it can handle the extra weight. It’s easy to install and get down for rope changes when needed. I’m going with a black rope with a wire inside of it so it will last longer.

    A++ in my book, but remember, go big or go home. I’m going bigger, let’s shake this neighborhood up I say.

    Joe A

  8. Richard Damiani (verified owner)

    High Quality, Very easy to assemble and put up.
    My wife and I just put this flag pole up yesterday. We bought the 25′ brushed aluminum model. I had dug the hole and put the plastic tube in last week. We put it together using saw horses. It all slipped together without problem, nothing needed for lubrication. We were able to put it up together with little problem other than my wife being 4’11”! I highly recommend this flag pole. It is excellent quality, and looks great. Two suggestions: first, be careful of – have more than enough concrete. I dug an 18″ hole 3.5′ deep, and this took 6 80lb bags of premixed cement – 480lbs total. Second, when leveling the pole look at it from a distance before finalizing it. Make sure it matches a vertical part of your home – a corner or door trim – and is still level. That will make it look much better. If this is not possible, go with leveling the pole without regard how it looks next to your house.

  9. Salem Buyer (verified owner)

    10 months and 2 wind storms and it’s still good.
    Installed as directed with concrete footing, but brought the concrete up another two feet above ground level with sonotube form, to keep the dogs from being able to pee on the pole. Two windstorms this year with wind gusts above 35mph and it is still standing.

  10. William P Watts (verified owner)

    Easy to install
    Easy to install and good instructions.

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