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WINDSTRONG 25 FT Heavy Duty Residential Flag Pole Complete Set with Commercial Grade Sewn Stars and Stripes 4×6 FT US American Nylon Flag Made in USA

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  • Extra Strong Reinforced 2.5 Inch Butt Tapered Flagpole 5 Year Warrany
  • Perfect for Business, Government or Residence
  • Windstrong is a Registered Product of American Flag Superstore

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New Model 2022 Commercial Quality 25 FT Heavy Duty Residential Commercial flag pole Kit with 2.5 Inch Butt Our #1 Selling Flagpole Set 4x6FT US Perma Nylon US Made Flag with Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes Included 25' FT, 6-section aluminum pole 3"gold aluminum ball top 6"die-cast aluminum cleat, halyard rope, two snap hooks 18"PVC ground sleeve 2"cast aluminum truck with nylon pulley.

Additional information

Special FeatureHeavy Duty,Reinforced
Product Dimensions72"L x 48"W
Fabric TypeNylon

10 reviews for WINDSTRONG 25 FT Heavy Duty Residential Flag Pole Complete Set with Commercial Grade Sewn Stars and Stripes 4×6 FT US American Nylon Flag Made in USA

  1. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Best customer service ever !
    We live on a lake in SW Florida, our flag pole looks great and takes lots of wind no problem. It has stood tall for 3 hurricanes cat 4 but our last hurricane Ian was a cat 5 and got it. Unfortunately our flag was down the morning after.
    I called Scott, at The American Flag Superstore, and he replaced the pipes that were pinched at NO COST.
    Please support this business ! They are Veteran owned and operated and stand behind their product !
    God Bless America.
    Bob and Linda Mraz

  2. Mac (verified owner)

    Strong, straight and easy setup
    This was easy to put it. We have regular winds and it is withstanding them well.

  3. Roger W Martarano (verified owner)

    Wish It Was A Little Thicker
    My flagpole was purchased for me for my birthday back in October. A few weeks ago I put in the base as directed, a hole that is 24″ in diameter, and 36″ deep. Placed into the hole gravel and sand, and the 18″ PVC sleeve as directed and used 9- 60 pound sacks of post mix’ I also purchased an optional collar sleeve as well.
    Waited until Christmas day when my kids were here to put up the pole, and raise the flag for the first time.
    Everything went nicely, but with only about a 10 MPH wind, the pole was wobbling back and forth. Being my flag pole sits about 3 feet from my side fence, I decided to brace the pole to the fence about 5′ up with a 2X4 notched at the end to go around the pole, and a metal band to cap it off. This helped considerably, but it stills wobbles.
    Even though where I live, our windy days average about 10-15 MPH, but today they are at 20 MPH.
    I read in some reviews that these pole tend to bend in windy areas, so I will just have to see.
    The pole itself is very attractive and easy to install. Don’t try to do it along!
    I’m not sure what the thickness or gauge is of the pole, but maybe needs to be a little thicker, or maybe the sleeve also should be made of aluminum or stainless steel instead of PVC. Anyway, with a 5 year warranty, I think I will be protected for a while. Possibly, if there many conplaints such as mine, the company will re-engineer the pole to become stronger.

  4. Plywood (verified owner)

    Perfect Flagpole for Perfect Flags – All Made in USA
    The flagpole is very sturdy and went together easily. Instructions were simple and easy and if you follow them you will have no issues. Flagpole has been up a week. Flags do not get twisted around the pole or themselves. I used the rope & pulley system to install, lower, and raise the flags to the top. Worked flawlessly. Pole finish is excellent and gold ball on top really sets it off. Each section slid together and came apart easily. No issues as this 67 year old man dug the hole, poured the concrete, and set up every section myself. My wife helped me install the flags. Especially pleased that the pole and flag are made in the good old USA. I cancelled the order on a similar flagpole when I found out it was made in China and got this one instead. Great look, finish, and a 5 year warranty. Cost a little more but most imported poles only have 90 days or a year warranty and are thin as tin. This one is well worth the minor price difference. Received just a few days after ordering. LOVE IT!

  5. Beefer (verified owner)

    2 years and no issues
    I purchased 2 of these 2 years ago, we have seen winds of over 40mph and no issues with either one. They are sturdy and standing the test of time. I would not hesitate to buy another one from this company.
    Now to the second part of my review, the customer service portion, one of my flag poles was damaged during shipment, I sent an email and 2 days later a new piece arrived, not questions no hassle just done, that’s customer service.
    Next, 2 years later I have to move one of my flag poles because a tree is taking it over, I reach out to this company and explain that I need to purchase just the bottom part and the sleeve, what do they do? Send it out at no charge!!!! I can’t explain in words what this means, here is a company that stands behind everything they sell. It makes me believe they would rather see an American Flag Fly than make a huge profit.
    Support these people, true Americans, thanks

  6. Worlds Proudest Grandpa (verified owner)

    It is a great product that will last a lifetime
    This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!!! I encased the bottom pole in a piece of 12” .375 wall pipe and poured close to 10 sacks of cement in side the 12” pipe. I probably overkilled this task, but I guarantee you this has, and will go on withstanding the Oklahoma winds. I know for a fact it’s withstood 65mph winds!!! Cementing the bottom pole as deep as I did, may or may not have played a role in the sturdiness of my flagpole. I’lil bet this flagpole will still be flying old glory long after I’m gone. I really can’t say enough great things about it. I’d recommend this pole without any hesitation. And if for some reason I sell out and move, you can bet I’ll be buying another one for my new place. I live about a quarter mile back down in the pasture. And from about a 1/2 mile you can see my flag without any issues. I’ve had more compliments from people passing by. It’s without a doubt the best improvement I have made to my property since I bought this place. I did add a bald eagle to the top of it, and also a halo light that shines downwards on my flag, and also a led solar powered spot light that shines up my flagpole and illuminates my pole and my flag.

  7. CHAD R. (verified owner)

    My husband and i put the pole innthe ground together using an 8ft ladder. Make sure you turn “on” the solar light!!! We had to lower it and turn it on… idiots we are😂😂 used 150kb of concrete. Left the too of the sleeve three inches out of the ground. Beautiful!!!!! Very proud of my husbands hard work! (Get a second strong person to help mix the concrete so you do it fast.) so we had two men set the concrete (husband and son) and husband and wife put the pole up 24hrs later. It is hard to lift so be ready to concentrate!!!

  8. Ravenzgate (verified owner)

    Great flag pole and customer service
    Love the flag and flag pole, the customer service was awesome! I had an item that was escaped upon arrival and the company immediately sent a replacement. I will definately buy again from them.

  9. Mark R Musha (verified owner)

    Nice flag and pole for the price.
    The flag and pole looks really good in our front yard. I find myself taking it down when forecasted with high winds as I am treating it with kid gloves. I just wish the pole was a little thicker but for the price i guess it can’t be much thicker. It was rather easy to install, but be sure to cement it into the ground. So far, I’m pleased with the product.

  10. Honeybadger (verified owner)

    Sturdy but sways a bit
    Installed this flag pole just like they suggested and it was very simple to do. When there is a decent amount of wind the flag pole gets to swaying quite a bit. I pull my flag down a lot of the time just to insure nothing happens to the flag pole. It is pretty thick aluminum so I don’t think I have anything to worry about, but it just doesn’t look great when it is out there moving around a lot.

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